The Problem. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention the illness of pain medicine substance use disorder is now a national epidemic and as Joseph Rannazzisi, DEA Deputy Assistant Administrator/Deputy Chief of Operations Office of Diversion Control, accurately reported at the 2012 National Rx Summit,

“We’re gonna lose a whole generation of kids to heroin because they started with hydro(codone).”

The collateral damage caused from this illness has now become a common thread that runs through most every issue communities and governments face today, from educational opportunity loss, crime rates and public safety, loss of economic productively, environmental contamination, immigration issues and public service burden spending, in addition to the destruction of so many families and local businesses.

The Solution. Out of the Dark is a community volunteer movement that started in the fall of 2008 after several people in Jonesboro, Arkansas, felt the need to stand up and do something about the horrible impact that the illness of drug addiction, and its resulting collateral damage, had been causing to their community. What they found out was that if each community will get involved in addressing their own local problems through the "Local Level Up" community model then we can effectively confront this monster that has been stealing so many of our children away.Together we will make a difference! Join the Out of the Dark Movement!


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“We’re gonna lose a whole generation of kids to heroin because they started with hydro(codone).”

Invest In The Future

The Out of the Dark School Chapter program was created in spring of 2009 through an informal partnership that Skip Mooney, Jr. established with the superintendents from each of the 8 public school districts in Craighead County, Arkansas. The program was established so that communities could better support and network with school representatives that are working with our youth on issues such as chemical addiction awareness and leadership development. What started with a few students and school sponsors now include over 1,000 students and sponsors from every public school district, with some districts having multiple chapters.

The Chapters are networked through by the utilizing the “Local Level Up” community model. To learn more about our “demand reduction” program please visit our OD Chapters page.

Would You Like To Support Our Out Of The Dark School Chapters?

It’s easy just use a credit card or your PayPal account.  All donations to Out of the Dark INC. are tax exempt as allowed by law and reinvested back into our communities.

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“I was blown away to see that drug use and abuse had gone down in every category except 10th grade,” said Mr. Johnny Terrell, CEO for SERVICE Group 360 who donated $2,500.00 to support the Out of the Dark School Chapters. “The only difference is the Out of the Dark program".

Johnny Terrell

“It gives me great pleasure to be able to invest in the future of our communities by supporting these sponsors and their students”, said Mr. Kevin Richardson, president of PCS OnCall. "As business person, I see how these issues negatively impact, not only families, but the future work force of our local

Kevin Richardson




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